PVD Coating

PVD Coatings

Impreglon (RI) specializes in PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coatings. Over the past decade these coatings have become standards in many industries. From extending the service life of tools, to eliminating tarnishing of brass marine fittings, to preventing scratches on bath hardware PVD coatings are the choice in demanding applications. In fact, commercial customers worldwide define PVD coatings in terms of their “lifetime” wear characteristics. Our line of PVD finishes meets these expectations. They provide:

• Corrosion Resistance Protection
• Increased Hardness (Scratch Resistance)
• Uniformity of Coverage and Color
• Excellent Adhesion
• High Chemical Resistance
• Category 3 Biocompatibility
• Improved Cutting Edge Retention
• Negligible Dimensional Changes

Environmentally friendly, low temperature PVD processes can be applied to most metals, alloys and metallic compounds, and to a wide range of substrate materials. Two of the most common PVD methods are “Sputtering” and “Cathodic Arc Deposition.” Impreglon US provides both sputtered and arc deposited films.

Arc Deposited Films

Our cathodic arc batch coating system can apply films ranging from several hundred angstroms to several microns, depending on the application. Among the currently available arc deposited films are:

• Chromium Nitride (CrN)
• Titanium Nitride (TiN)
• Zirconium Nitride (ZrN)
• Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTiN)
Arc deposited films are available in a range of colors including satin and polished brass, gray, black, gold, bronze, chrome, graphite, blue and rainbow. Additional colors are under development.

Sputtered Films

Impreglon’s sputtered films range in thickness from 100 angstroms to 2 microns and are derived from our extensive target inventory, including:

• Chromium (Cr)
• Titanium (Ti)
• Zirconium (Zr)
• Aluminum (Al)
• Gold (Au)
• Tin (Sn)
• Copper (Cu)
• Titanium Aluminum (TiAl)
• Graphite
• Silver (Ag)
• Tungsten (W)
• Titanium Aluminum Vanadium (TiAlV)

Sputtered films are available in a range of colors including satin and polished brass, gray, black, gold, bronze and chrome. Additional colors, and target materials, are available upon request.

Please contact our Sales Department to discuss a particular requirement.